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      Beluga Hospitality

      specializes in the delivery of premier Corporate Hospitality experiences within the sports, lifestyle and cultural categories.

      Beluga Premium

      is the “go-to” brand for all corporate and private conferences, receptions and post conference events. From creating and implementing world class conferences in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Beluga Premium also provides slick event management, ensuring every conference is a memorable one.

      Beluga Medical

      As a level 2 BEE, medical equipment and consumables value-added distributor company Beluga Medical Supplies is able to make use of global partners to deliver genuine imported and locally sourced high quality medical supplies to address and service this urgent need, as quickly as possible and in budget.


      Inspire Furniture Rentals focus on the smooth and stress free logistics of equipping you with fresh high-end furniture of wide variety for your event. We supply our furniture in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.